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gb whatsapp new version

GB Whatsapp new version is an upgrade for users who are tired of the previous app. It offers new features and additional functions that make the app more user-friendly. GB Whatsapp also allows users to customize their icons and themes. The latest version also offers the option to hide personal messages. The new version also allows users to post longer videos. The main purpose of GB WhatsApp is to make the messaging application easier to use. ClickHere – https://haxk.io/gbwhatsapp/

GB WhatsApp – An Alternative to WhatsApp For Android

GB WhatsApp lets users change the font color of the app. The new update lets you make any text in the app appear in full screen. It also lets you send up to 700MB videos without reducing their size. You can also send up to 10 photos or videos at a time. GB WhatsApp new version does not resize images, so you can send high-resolution pictures to your friends.

Another feature that is new in GB Whatsapp is the ability to use several accounts. Official WhatsApp supports only one account per user, so if you want to run more than one account, you must download another copy of the application. GBWhatsapp new version has 100+ languages, which is a big plus compared to the official app. You can also choose your default language with the GB Whatsapp latest version.

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