Installing a Water Alarm Sump Pump

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water alarm sump pump

You can install a water alarm sump pump to monitor the level of the ground beneath your basement. This system uses a sensor that connects to an extra-long cable that constantly monitors the surrounding area for leaks. A large indicator light illuminates to warn of a pump failure, and the device’s loud, 90-decibel horn sounds an alarm if it senses water. The unit comes with a float, wall anchors, and zip ties to secure it. Go here

Bit More Expensive Than Other Brands

If the water alarm doesn’t work, you can check the pump’s wiring and battery. A loose connection or a low battery level could be the cause. A bad circuit board can also cause the alarm to go off. If the pump continues to beep after a short period of time, call a professional to repair it. To make sure that the system is in good working order, check the pop up drain and discharge line for debris.

Some of these systems are battery operated or hard-wired to the sump pump. Regardless of which type you purchase, the alarm should not raise water and should alert the homeowner if the pump loses power. However, if you’re concerned about losing power, you can install a backup system that calls multiple phone numbers. The alarm will let you know when it’s time to check your sump pump and prevent water damage.

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